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The Zicklin MBA features a core curriculum that spans all the major business areas and a specialization that permits students to explore a specific area in greater depth. At Zicklin, you can study on a full-time or part-time basis.

The MBA program provides you with the knowledge to help you succeed in executive positions, where you need to have skills spanning different functional areas. It consists of a total of 57 credits, including 12 credits to obtain a major in Marketing. For more information, click on Baruch’s Zicklin School website.

The MBA in marketing allows students to select courses from a broad range of marketing areas (advertising, internet marketing, international marketing), and is designed to prepare students for careers in marketing. The Department of Marketing offers a wide array of courses, and students may tailor the major to reflect their individual needs and interests.

Required Courses in Major (6 credits)

Marketing Research 3 credits
Consumer Behavior 3 credits

Electives (6 credits)
To complete their major, students can choose electives to total 6 credits from a wide array of offerings in the Department of Marketing (MKT). Students may tailor the major to their individual needs and interests. At the same time, students with an interest in specific areas like advertising, digital marketing, or international marketing are advised to take courses within that area. For example:

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing (a hands-on, tactical course) 3 credits
Digital Marketing Strategy (a higher-level executive decision-making course) 3 credits
Web Analytics and Intelligence 3 credits
Internet Marketing and Global Business 3 credits
Search Engine Marketing 1.5 credits
Social Media Marketing 1.5 credits

Advertising and Marketing Communications 3 credits
Media Planning in the Digital Age 3 credits
Global Advertising 3 credits

Marketing Analytics
Analytic Approaches to Marketing Strategy 3 credits
Web Analytics and Intelligence 3 credits

International Marketing
Global Advertising 3 credits
International Marketing Management 3 credits
International Trade Operations 3 credits
International Logistics 3 credits

For more information, visit the Zicklin School’s website.