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The MBA degree with a concentration in Analytics prepares you to make better business decisions by integrating and mining data to reveal trends, drivers of outcomes and patterns in the data. The courses in the analytics track prepare students to parse information from diverse and sometimes unconnected data sources to build knowledge and improve decision making.

The analytics track includes courses in quantitative and statistical methods, information systems, data mining, and courses involving applications of analytics to functional areas like marketing to help students develop the skills not only to transform real-world observations into quantitative representations but also to translate quantitative analysis into implementable business decisions.

The MBA – Analytics track prepares students for a variety of specialized positions such as Business Intelligence Managers or Data Mining Managers and allows students looking for brand manager positions to stand out compared to their peers by providing them with cutting edge tools.

Students need to take 4 courses to specialize in Analytics – two specialized core courses in Stats/CIS and two additional courses (designed for the Analytics track) in an area of interest like Marketing.