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New Program: MS-Marketing with Digital Marketing Concentration

You can now get a formal concentration in Digital Marketing, as part of our Master of Science. A combination of elective courses will provide you with strategic, tactical and analytical skills to help you navigate and thrive in the digital world. Our program is based on the right balance of right and left brain skills to allow you to thrive in that environment.

To gain a solid foundation in consumer decision making/insights and the strategic process, students take 5 core courses (15 credits) and a series of electives (15 credits) for a total of 30 credits.

Core Courses (15 credits)
Marketing Research* 3 credits
Marketing Management 3 credits
Consumer Behavior 3 credits
Marketing Strategy 3 credits
Digital Marketing (a hands-on, tactical course) 3 credits

Digital Marketing Electives (15 credits)
Students take a minimum of 9 credits from the following list:

Digital Marketing Strategy (a higher-level executive decision-making course) 3 credits
Web Analytics and Intelligence 3 credits
Internet Marketing and Global Business 3 credits
Media Planning in the Digital Age 3 credits
Search Engine Marketing 1.5 credits
Social Media Marketing 1.5 credits
Analytic Approaches to Marketing Strategy 3 credits
Special Topics in Digital Marketing (e.g., Mobile Marketing,…) 1.5 or 3 credits

As part of your electives, you can take one or two courses (up to 6 credits) from our Analytics Electives or from our list of General Electives.

For more information, visit the Zicklin School’s website.

* Requires prior completion of STA 9708 (Applied Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions). This prerequisite can be waived if student has taken one undergraduate statistics course within the last 5 years, with a minimum grade of B-. Students who are not waived from STA 9708 will take it in addition to the degreeā€™s 30 credits.