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New Program: MS-Marketing with Marketing Analytics Concentration

Marketing Analytics is the backbone of today’s marketing; from understanding big data to calculating a campaign’s ROI. Data collection and analysis provide the foundation for successfully managing and growing businesses and organizations. But that is not enough. You need to use that information in a strategic way. You need a blend of left and right brain skills.

To gain a solid foundation in consumer decision making/insights and the strategic process, students take 5 core courses (15 credits) and a series of electives (15 credits) for a total of 30 credits.

Core Courses (15 credits)
Marketing Research* 3 credits
Marketing Management 3 credits
Consumer Behavior 3 credits
Marketing Strategy 3 credits
Marketing Analytics (a hands-on, tactical course) 3 credits

Marketing Analytics Electives (15 credits)
Students take a minimum of 9 credits from the following list:

Data-driven Marketing Strategy (a higher-level executive decision-making course) 3 credits
Web Analytics and Intelligence 3 credits
Digital Marketing 3 credits
Media Planning in the Digital Age 3 credits
Search Engine Marketing 1.5 credits
Social Media Marketing 1.5 credits
Digital Marketing Strategy 3 credits
Multivariate Statistics for Business Analytics** 3 credits
Special Topics in Marketing Analytics (e.g., Data-driven customer engagement,…) 1.5 or 3 credits

You can also choose up to 6 credits from any 9000-level course in the Department of Marketing and International Business, or from any of the following Statistics/CIS courses:

Business Modeling with Spreadsheets+ 3 credits
Software tools for data analysis** 3 credits
Applied Regression Analysis** 3 credits
Multivariate Statistical Methods*** 3 credits
Data Mining for Business Analytics++ 3 credits

* Requires prior completion of STA 9708 (Applied Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions). This prerequisite can be waived if student has taken one undergraduate statistics course within the last 5 years, with a minimum grade of B-. Students who are not waived from STA 9708 will take it in addition to the degree’s 30 credits.
** Requires prior completion of STA 9708 (Applied Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions) or equivalent. STA 9708 is not part of the program and must be taken in addition to the degree’s 30 credits.
*** Requires prior completion of STA 9700 (Applied Regression Analysis) or equivalent.
+Requires prior completion of STA 9708 or ACC 9110 or equivalents.
++Requires prior completion of CIS 9001 and STA 9708 or equivalents.

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