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How do I decide whether an MBA or MS degree in marketing is more appropriate?
An MS degree provides you with focused discipline knowledge. You only take marketing classes. It is perhaps best for professionals looking to advance to the next level within the marketing functional area; for example, you could use the skills you would learn in the program to switch careers, moving from an agency environment to the client side, or moving into a more specialized area like marketing analytics or digital marketing.

The MBA curriculum includes courses from disciplines like Accounting and Finance, and it is perhaps better suited for professionals who have a little more work experience and would like a broader view of business because they need to work with colleagues from different functional areas. The MBA would prepare you for a move to senior management, giving you at the same time a specialization in marketing or international business.

What academic skills are important to succeed in the marketing program? In my career?
There are many skills needed to succeed, including both verbal and quantitative skills. Effort and diligence should also be emphasized. But overall, you need to have an inherent curiosity and willingness to learn new things.

How important are math skills for the marketing major? What level of math ability is required?
Basic math skills required for the program in general should suffice for most students.
Those with an interest in quantitative areas such as marketing research will want to consult with a faculty advisor. The ability to synthesize a large amount of information is becoming crucial to succeed in marketing. Our program provides frameworks and specific tools to help you accomplish that goal.

What kinds of skills are important for me professionally?
Communications skills are of particular importance for marketing. The student should not only be able to think critically but should be able to successfully express his or her thoughts to others.

What kinds of entry-level positions are open to graduates who lack relevant work experience?
There are many positions, ranging from assistant brand managers to assistant account managers in advertising agencies to professional sales positions.

What does the core course MKT 9703, Marketing Management, cover?
It covers marketing strategy, consumer behavior and various aspects of the marketing
mix (product, price, place and promotion).

Why is an understanding of the core course in marketing important to non-majors?
Everyone uses marketing and corporate life focuses on it. For instance, without marketing products to the appropriate consumers, businesses will cease to exist. As another example, financial analysts must understand brand equity in order to evaluate the worth of a company.

What kinds of research is the faculty currently engaged in? What kinds of business consulting activities?

The faculty engage in a wide variety of research, ranging from marketing strategy to consumer behavior, digital marketing, international marketing and advertising. Similarly, they consult in a variety of areas and for many major corporations.